London Spa Facials by Su-Man

Su-Man is one of the most sought-after facialists in the world. Previously the personal facialist of Juliette Binoche, she brings her unique fusion of Asian wisdom and Western science to a facial that has been described by Elle magazine as “a non-evasive alternative to botox”. Her hybrid facial treatment has been specifically created to awaken, lift and energise the face.

Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial

Specially designed massage techniques that stimulate the tissue, activate and energised facial muscles, minimise fine lines and wrinkles and brings light back to your skin. The result is an instantly brighter, sculpted complexion with skin that looks and feels reborn. Deep cleansing with steam, extraction, exfoliate and facial massage followed by nourishing mask.

60-minute treatment / £250

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Express Facial

Su-Man Skin Reborn Sculpting facial performed without extractions to compliment a healthy skincare routine. Express facial includes cleanse, exfoliation, hydrating mask and neck and shoulder massage.

30-minute treatment / £100

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Su-Man Chi Flow Contour Facial

Facial based on the traditional Chinese medicine healing art form Gua Sha, skin scraping technique. Using various strokes and friction techniques to softens muscular tension and stress to reveal a more calm, balanced and glowing complexion. Deep cleansing with steam , extraction , exfoliate and Gua Sha massage followed by a nourishing mask.

60-minute treatment / £220

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Su-Man signature enhance treatment

A shiatsu and TCM inspired massage ( Tui na) by using deep pressure, kneading and stretching techniques to harmonise yin and yang in the body by manipulating the “Chi” in the acupuncture channel.

Choose from the following:
– Back massage – leave your body in harmony and feeling invigorated
– Hand treatment – revitalise your arms and hands
– Foot treatment – melt away the stress for the feet and calves
– Scalp treatment – relax mind and body

30-minute treatment / £100

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“Su-Man uses these techniques bringing muscles to life – a sort of Pilates for the face. Very lucky is the person who can undergo treatment in her hands.”

– Joely Richardson

“I feel truly blessed to have had a facial with Su-Man. The only flip side to this is that once you have had this everything else will pale in comparison.”

– Freida Pinto