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Faisal Abdalla

Larger-than-life celebrity trainer Faisal Abdalla AKA Mr PMA is one of the best in the business. Having worked as a master trainer at Nike and Barry’s Bootcamp, he certainly knows his stuff. He has also trained a wealth of celebrities, from Ellie Goulding and Ella Eyre to John Newman, Jorja Smith and Harry Styles. His intense HIIT and strength workouts get his clients not only sweating from head to toe, but smiling from ear to ear.


With more than 20 years’ experience, Rod is one of Britain’s top personal trainers and lifestyle coach and the go-to trainer for some A-list actors. His versatile and unique approach to training will get you ‘fighting fit’ so you are ready to tackle life’s challenges head-on and feel great while doing it. Rod will always be right behind you to enable you to train the right way so you can make effective progress.

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Rui works as a personal trainer and as a biomechanics consultant. He has spent the last 10 years studying neuroscience and biomechanics being the only trainer in the UK with this skill set. He brings a fresh way of working, running away from the traditional thinking. He specialises in injury rehab, and strength training.

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Dilmar believes exercise helps to improve confidence, strength and energy to feel amazing about yourself. He loves to mix workouts with compound moves like yoga and kettlebells together with high-intensity training. He helps clients focus on breathing and posture. Each session is tailored to your personal goals in mind.

Tara Xavier

Specialising in functional training, including high intensity, low intensity, strength, balance, mobility and flexibility to help her clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Tara creates bespoke training sessions using both gym equipment and body weight methods to keep workouts energetic and challenging. Tara believes in the full mind and body approach to good health focusing on creating positive habits and lasting changes.

Giacomo Farci
Personal Trainer, S&C coach, Kickboxing specialist, nutrition advisor, daily productivity expert, writer.

An avid exerciser he has competed in football and also kickboxing at national and European level. After obtaining a bachelor degree in Sports Science, Giac developed a system that combines his knowledge of nutrition, exercise and coaching skills to unravel his clients’ unique stories to facilitate sustainable and long-lasting health, mind and body transformations for life. Giac consults for city professionals, CEO’s, models, singers and actors for Warner Bros. and Sony movies. Due to the latter Giac has been featured on national tv and in newspapers/magazines.

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Ayo Williams
Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Nutrition Coach, Online Fitness Consultant

Ayo has been a fitness professional since 1998, working with athletes and general public alike to achieve performance and aesthetic improvements. His background includes competitive Ju-Jitsu at international level, Rock Climbing across three continents and Ultra-Marathon running. He completed the Marathon des Sables in 2011, which is a 150-mile, 6-day race across the Sahara Desert, and then went on to successfully inspire and coach several athletes to emulate and improve upon this achievement.

Having ran the UK’s leading Personal Training provider (Matt Roberts Personal Training Ltd) for more than a decade, Ayo founded ‘Achieve Your Objective Training + Nutrition’ in 2018. The mission is to bring his unrivalled expertise and successful formulas to a wider audience. He has trained hundreds of clients (and scores of trainers) and pinpointed the essence of what really works regarding learning, change, and ultimately success.

Faisal Abdalla

Larger-than-life celebrity trainer Faisal Abdalla has amassed a loyal Instagram following thanks to his infectious energy and endless enthusiasm. Known as Mr PMA, he is all about positive mental attitude and the belief that you need to work your mind as hard as your body for real results. With years of experience as a Nike and Barry’s Bootcamp master trainer, Faisal is one of the best in the business and was recently named as one of the fittest men in the industry along with huge names like Conor McGregor and Usain Bolt. Following several high profile collaborations with The Body Coach, he released his own bestselling book The PMA Method which can be found on book shelves around the world. His intense HIIT and strength workouts get his clients, who have included pop Ellie Goulding, Ella Eyre, Jorja Smith, Harry Styles and John Newman, not only sweating from head to toe, but smiling from ear to ear.


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