London Luxury Spa Facial Treatments

Face it. Your skin needs some love. Whether it’s time to hydrate and rebound or soothe and wind down, our facials are designed with your skin’s unique tone in mind. Tell us what your skin needs or let us do the talking. Whatever you wish.

We’re proud and delighted to partner with Natura Bisse, a family-run Spanish skincare brand with more than thirty years’ worth of expertise creating pioneering, science-led, anti-ageing solutions for our facials and signature body treatments . In the world of aesthetics and wellbeing, together we set the trend.

AWAY Signature Facial

Reveals · Renews · Exfoliates
Face it, your skin needs some love. Using 5 AHAs, this triple exfoliating peel will give you that fabulous camera ready look. Just apply makeup and step into the spotlight!

30 MIN. / £55

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15 MIN. EACH /£20

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Glow & Go

Detoxifies · Restores · Hydrates
Reveal a new, glowing skin with the perfect antidote to counteract damage caused by fast-paced, modern lifestyle. An enzymatic peel with gentle steam and deep detoxification.

75 MIN. / £115

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The Citrus Essence Ritual

A luxurious ritual to deeply hydrate, rejuvenate and relax, exclusively developed by the Natura Bissé experts for the AWAY Spa London. The experience starts with a soothing Lomi Juma massage using Natura Bissé revitalising, firming C+C Vitamin Aroma Balm to alleviate built-up tension and unblock joints in the upper-back, neck and shoulders.

The pampering continues with a Tolerance Enzyme Peel containing extracts of prickly pear and concentrated papaya, as well as a gentle C+C Vitamin Scrub to help renew and improve skin’s natural radiance.

The C+C Vitamin Ascorbic Acid Concentrate is then expertly applied to target sun damaged and mistreated skin, followed by a Shirodhara Diamond face and neck massage and a soufflé-like C+C Ascorbic Facial Mask to further repair and protect your skin against the first signs of ageing and the busy city life.

80min £122
Exclusive to AWAY Spa London!

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Revitalises · Stimulates · Firms
This powerful antioxidant treatment will restore skins vibrancy as well as counteracting pigmentation, resulting in a luminous and radiant complexion.

60 MIN. / £105

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I Need Oxygen

Purifies · Brightens · Balances
The revitalising power of pure oxygen will decongest and brighten a tired dull complexion restoring maximum hydration.

60 MIN. / £105

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